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Friday, 14 May 2021
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Written by Greg Lockwood   
Tuesday, 01 May 2007
Another one of my recent acquisitions procured from my birthday loot is some new good quality headphones, which I have been after for quite some time.  It has been my long held hope that my friends would contribute enough money at my much-belated birthday party so that I could achieve this end.  Fortunately, my love of JB HiFi must have been noticed by enough people that I got a total of $140 worth of gift vouchers (Thanks Anna, Tam, Nicky, Olga and Dave!) which I was able to use instead of my own money.

Click Read More to find out which ones I bought, and my thoughts on Windows Vista. After doing my research, at the excellent and informative web site HeadRoom (www.headphone.com), I decided to get the Sennheiser HD-435 based on their review and not wanting to spend too much in case I damage or lose them.  Unfortunately, these headphones are open design, instead of closed, which means that I have to keep the volume level down quite low to avoid disturbing others around me with my predominantly metal music, which not everyone enjoys.  However, in my brief testing today, I have discovered that with decent quality headphones such as the ones I bought, you don't need to turn the volume up as loud as you think you need to when you have crappy quality earbuds, such as those that come with most mp3 players, since the superior sound quality is much more audible at lower volume levels.

The text in this news post has been painstakingly dictated into Notepad using the speech recognition feature found in Windows Vista.  It is actually quite a funky and clever implementation of speech recognition and hopefully when trained/used for a while, it will be faster than normal typing.  However, do not for 1 minute think that it is worth upgrading to Windows Vista simply for free speech recognition, as the myriad of other flaws in Vista make it a frustrating experience to use at times and I definitely do not recommend you upgrade for the time being if you can avoid it.  I have had many incompatibilities and other frustrations simply because Windows Vista is so new that companies and manufacturers of hardware and other devices have not released updates for the new operating system, meaning that you are not guaranteed to have your existing hardware, which probably works quite well in Windows XP, work in Windows Vista.
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